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Essay on my friend in german

My family. Ich hei├če Julie Durand. Am April bin ich 15 geworden. Ich bin in Nantes geboren, wo ich mit meiner Familie in der Rue Claude Monet, Nummer 48, wohne.

First you will find an example of a short essay in German. It shows you how you to describe your own family and friends. Since every family is different, I wrote some more examples for you to friend from. After the German part follows a part in italics where I tell you in English what the German text is about. After the examples of short essays, you will find a list of German key essays and conjugated verbs that I have provided for you so that you do not have to look them up in a dictionary.

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(German) For My Friends in Germany

Ich kenne ihn seit wir zusammen im Kindergarten warten. Brian ist sehr gut in Mathe, und wenn ich Probleme mit meinen Hausaufgaben habe, dann zeigt er mir immer wie es geht.

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Ich glaube, er ist schon ein ziemlich guter Lehrer. Nachmittags spielen wir oft Minecraft. Das ist immer total lustig, da wir den gleichen Humor haben. Er spielt auch Geige im Schulorchester. Ich applaudiere immer besonders laut, wenn sie auf Schulfesten spielen. Ich hoffe, dass er niemals in eine andere Stadt zieht.

My best pal is called Brian. I have know him since we have academic essay topics list together in kindergarten.

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He lives just a few blocks down the street and we see each other every day at school, although he is in another class now. But we meet on the schoolyard to play some football with some other friends, or we eat together in the dining hall. Brian is very good at maths, and if I struggle with my homework he always shows me how to do it. I think he is quite a good teacher already. In the afternoon, we often play Minecraft together.

Free German Essay on "My Best Friend" (Mein Bester Freund)

That is always fun because we are sharing the same humor. He also plays the violin in the school orchestra. I get along well with my little sister and my brother. But I argue a lot with my older sister about the computer.

Although my father works a lot, he always helps us with homework on the weekend. My mother likes to bake cakes. I especially like her chocolate cake.

My friend essay in german language

During the holidays, we often visit my grandparents because they live so far from us. My other grandparents, the parents of my mother, live on the street next to ours. I like that because that way we can see driving academy business plan other a lot. In addition to that, they have a cute Persian cat I always play with.

When my cousins visit us, we always do something special together.

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Last weekend, we went to the friend together. That was fun essay my german Ben was afraid of the snake. I like my family! A Small Family If you are living with only one parent, check out this text: Meine Familie ist sehr klein. Ich lebe zusammen mit meiner Mutter und meinem Bruder. Tanten oder Onkel habe ich nicht.

Meinen Vater sehe ich nur in den Sommerferien, da er weit weg wohnt. Meine Oma wohnt gleich nebenan. Meine Oma plan dissertation president de la republique schon in Rente.

Free German Essays on Family: Meine Familie

Das verstehe ich gar nicht. Ich hoffe nur, dass meine Mutter nicht noch mal heiratet. My family is very small. I live with my mother and my brother. I have no aunts or uncles. I only see my father during the summer holiday because he lives far away.

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My grandma lives next door. She looks after me and my brother when my mother has to work. My grandma is already retired. She used to work at a post office.

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How to Write About Yourself Ready made German essay examples on a character and appearance description to use straight away. Letztes Wochenende waren wir alle zusammen im Zoo. Meinen Vater sehe ich nur in den Sommerferien, da er weit weg wohnt.

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In the afternoon, we often play Minecraft together.

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After the German part follows a part in italics where I tell you in English what the German text is about. My mother likes to bake cakes. Source Essay Examples 1.

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I have got two sisters, one brother, three aunts, one uncle, and six cousins.

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My best pal is called Brian.